Transport Program

Our Relocation Program is focused on saving lives by transporting homeless animals from high volume, open admissions shelters in Central and South Florida to areas where the homeless animal crisis is not as widespread. This program is part of Furry Friends’ commitment to helping move Florida from the 4th highest state in the nation for the number of animals euthanized.*

Are you a Shelter Interested in working with us? Here’s how it works…

You determine the number of animals your organization receives. You can communicate directly with the Source shelters to assess which animals are the best fit for your organization and community. Our dedicated Relocation Coordinator will work with you to ensure the process runs smoothly.

    Why Relocation

    As data collection and analysis transformed the sheltering field over the last two decades, a stark reality has become clear: geographic disparities in resources and adoption trends have hampered our combined efforts to save the lives of each and every adoptable animal. Rescue transport/relocation disperses the burden of pet overpopulation by ensuring that Destination communities with more adopters than animals have a steady supply of cats and dogs to meet the needs of their community. At the same time, Source shelters can focus their resources on the pets in their care who may need more time, space, and TLC to find homes.

    Transport Benefits All of Us
    • Reducing the overall number of animals at overtaxed Municipal ACCs permits them the time and space to focus on their most challenging animals.
    • Destination shelters receive animals to match with eager adopters. The result: great adoptions that help connect their organizations with their communities.
    • Transports help build collaboration and partnerships between shelters across regions and states.
    • Bottom line: Transports increase lifesaving capacity nationwide!
    Benefits for your shelter
    • All costs of transport covered by Furry Friends
    • Transport logistics overseen by Furry Friends
    • You receive animals from a trusted source shelters
    • The animals arrive at your shelter with great adoption stories that will resonate with your community
    • You have the opportunity to become a resource to help overtaxed municipal organizations
    Destination Shelter Requirements
    • ​​Have enough space and staffing to accommodate the new arrivals.
    • Ensure your neighbors are taken care of. If local shelters are euthanizing for space, please help them first.
    • Establish one point of contact for the transport.
    • Support Source shelters. Refer to them positively when publicizing the transport.
    • Be flexible – remember you are working with a large Municipal ACC.
    Source Shelter Requirements
    • Vaccinate ALL animals, not limited to transport animals, on intake.
    • Establish one point of contact for the transport.
    • Intake, isolation, and adoption should all be separated at the Source shelter. Ideally, there should be a separate area for designated transport animals.
    • Follow a sanitation protocol aligned with the ASV’s Standards of Care for Animal Shelters