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We offer a wide range of free and low-cost services to help keep pets and people together whenever possible. Please select from the menu below for more information on our resources:

Pet Owner Resources

The following links are helpful resources for you and your pet.
Community Cats

Curious about our Community Cats Program? Contact our Feline Care Team at for more specialized help.

We urge you to take a look at our Community Cats program Info HERE. Community cats, or feral cats, are unsocialized cats and are free-roaming outdoor cats. They often live in a colony with other community cats and have one or more caretakers who feed them.. If they have an ear-tip (top portion of ear removed), this shows that they have been altered and can stay where they were found.

Pet cats are animals who are socialized with humans. They traditionally have an owner and live indoors, outdoors, or a combination of the two.

It is important to remember that many cats have homes and are indoor/outdoor cats. The shelter is not the best place for these animals – less than 1% of cats are ever reclaimed by their owner after entering a shelter system nationwide. If you see a cat, please speak to your neighbors. Chances are the cat lives nearby. The best way to help a cat you find outdoors is to get them spayed or neutered.

If you need more help with community cats or would like to get a community cat spayed/neutered, please contact our Community Cats team at or 561-486-0814.

Pet Food Assistance

Several pet food banks in Palm Beach County and the Treasure Coast can assist you with feeding your animals.

Veterinary Services, including Spay/Neuter

Furry Friends offers some basic veterinary services at reduced cost to qualifying pet owners. For more information, please contact

Found Kittens

Please don’t Kit-nap! When we find a litter of kittens, our good-hearted instincts tell us to jump in and help. Thankfully, human intervention is typically not required. In fact, the best thing you can do is leave the kittens alone. Mom will likely return shortly, and it’s critical that the kittens remain in her care as she offers the best chance for survival.

If you are extremely certain that the kittens are orphaned, you can then step in and help by caring for the kittens until they’re old enough to find homes. Contact our Community Cats team at or 561-486-0814 for more information and assistance.

Rehoming Your Pet

If you feel that you are out of options and finding a new home is best for your pet, we encourage you to try rehoming your pet on your own rather than surrendering to us. Keeping your pet in your home as long as possible helps ensure we have space for the stray and injured animals that come into our care every day–and it’s usually much less stressful for any dog or cat to be in a home rather than in a shelter.

You can list your pet at no cost on the Furry Friends website. The listing will be seen by the thousands of visitors who come to our website each month. To post your pet on our website, you will need to create a profile on Through our unique partnership, all pets looking for new homes “by owner” will be featured on the Furry Friends website.

The Rehome website can help you handle the adoption process, provide access to safe meeting places at Petco stores and the adoption fee you charge can be donated to Furry Friends so we can continue to help others.

Stray Animals

Did you find a stray dog or cat in the Palm Beach or Martin County area? Keep in mind most pets are reunited outside the shelter, and in particular many loose dogs are lost–which means a family is looking for them.

  • Walk the animal around the area you found the pet and ask people you see if they recognize the pet. Pets may try and make their way home once they get back into a familiar area.
  • Get the pet scanned. Your local veterinarian can scan the animal for a microchip to help quickly reunite pets and people.
  • Report the found pet to the local authorities. For found pets in Palm Beach County, file a report at For found pets In Martin County, call the Martin County Sheriff’s Animal Dispatch line at (772) 463-3211 or(772) 220-7170 and file a found report.
  • Check/post on your local Lost and Found Pets facebook pages, neighborhood apps, etc. get the word out.
  • Found a cat or kittens? Get info about community cats and found kittens.
Surrendering Your Pet

If you have exhausted all your options and feel that you must surrender your pet, please contact our pet surrender team at to discuss your options. Pets are taken by appointment only.